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About Our Island's Voice | Our Island's Voice

About Our Island’s Voice

5337266036_685bf45681_zOur Island’s Voice was established to act as a focal point for all those committed to improving the lifestyles of those that live on the Isle of Sheppey. It is a free membership site for islanders, those that run businesses on The Island and those in local authorities and organisation that support The Island and it’s residents.

We’re on a mission to reinvigorate our local economy, foster enterprise and create jobs, combat rising fuel and energy costs and to repair our islands eco-system.

You can contribute in a number of ways:

1. By simply reading up on the various projects that are underway or being considered and telling your family and friends.
2. By taking the time to engage in dialogue with the community through the projects forums.
3. By sharing your expertise and experience with the project teams.
4. By joining a project team and contributing some of your spare time.
5. By volunteering to lead a project.
6. By creating a new project and getting the community involved to help deliver it.

Access to the main part of the site is restricted to members only and so if you have yet to join then please add your voice by becoming a member.

There are different levels of membership. The more you contribute to Our Islands Voice the higher you progress through the membership grades.

We also have an Honorary Membership level which is by invitation only. This for those people already actively engaged with organisations on The Island, these people already dedicate their time to the welfare of the Isle of Sheppey and as so we recognise their commitment and value their views with an honorary place amongst us.

Our Islands’s Voice was created on the Isle of Sheppey and so carries the ‘Made On Sheppey’ label.